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In the coming DX era
​ provides acceleration tools

List of services

Cashless vending machines

DX (Digital Transformation) is accelerating in our daily lives. Cashless payments, such as credit card and QR code payments, are rapidly expanding in response to diversifying needs. The need for "non-contact" and "avoiding crowds" is on the rise, and the use of self-checkout machines and automatic checkout machines is increasing. A multi-payment terminal equipped with a standard contactless payment function is a safe and convenient solution that fits the "new lifestyle".

Providing a digital wallet app

We provide a platform that allows you to create your own digital wallet application without programming. Companies and shops can use our platform to create their own wallet app and provide it to their customers.

Store DX service (OrderPay)

By using mobile ordering, labor saving and unmanned stores can be realized. Customers can order and pay with their smartphones. Stores can contribute to store efficiency and increased sales simply by installing a QR code.

Multi-Payment Gateway Service (QFPay)

QFPay is a payment platform that develops mobile payments centered on QR code payments. We provide an all-in-one payment service by working closely with all payment networks, payment brands and wallet services.

A Media Bank that integrates with your ecosystem

Based on the QR code payment solution, Media Bank makes full use of digital marketing methods to realize the fusion of the offline and online worlds.

We would like to contribute to the creation of a more convenient, digital, and globalized environment by providing one-stop solutions that include new payment methods, business models, and consumer experiences.

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